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This calendar is associated with the lineage of Sri Ramakrishna and include major festivals honoring the Divine Mother, certain Hindu Deities, great Seers, and the birthdays of the direct monastic disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.  Some of these Holy days are publicly celebrated at our centers.

For students and aspirants interested in learning and practicing methods to awaken spiritual awareness and intensify spiritual life, retreats are most beneficial.

"The power of attention, when properly guided, and directed towards the internal world, will analyze the mind, and illumine facts for us. The powers of the mind are like rays of light dissipated, when they are concentrated, they illumine." Swami Vivekananda

These events are held at the Portland Ashram during Babaji's absence.

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These events are held at SRV San Francisco during Babaji's absence.

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Below are special events offered in Babaji's absence.

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This schedule announces classes, worship, arati/satsangs, 
retreats, and public talks with Babaji Bob Kindler. Join us,
you are welcome, your friends are welcome!

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