Province of the Enlightened: Glimpses of Gaudapada
SRV Spring Retreat over Memorial Day Weekend
May 25th – 29th, 2017 
Wind River region, Stevenson, Washington 



The enlightened luminary and nondual philosopher, Lord Gaudapada,
holds much more than just his fame as the author of the lucid nondual
commentary (karika) on the Mandukya Upanisad, he also was the
paramaguru of Shankara, and the spiritual preceptor of Patanjali in his
lifetime as Govindapada.
Glimpses of Gaudapada will take us there,
into the great mind of this spiritual phenomenon, who somehow makes
the oth
erwise abstract Advaita Vedanta the most natural state of mind
available to mankind. 

In SRV’s Spring retreat at Windwood Waters near the Columbia River
Gorge in Washington state, the underground river of Advaita Vedanta
will surface once again, bringing its healing Waters of Life upwards in a
fountain of Truth to nourish all thirsty souls, just as it did in Gaudapada’s
time in India in 500 A.D. 

Wind River


Location: Windwood Waters retreat site near Stevenson, WA
Arrival: Thursday, May 25th, between 4:00 & 9:00 pm
Departure: Monday, May 29th, 12:00 noon
Registration: Starts now. Tuition and lodging fees are due by May 15th
 Register by email: or by phone 808-990-3354
Tuition and meals: $390; Students: $200 (lodging additional)
Lodging: private room single, $240;
 Private room shared with 1 - 2 others, $160/person;
 Semi-private lodge sleeping, $120*;
 Tenting, $80*
*bring your own bedding/towels. 
• Credit cards are accepted and requires an additional 2.4% handling charge.

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