Spring Retreat


“The Encomium,” a testament to the wonders and nobility of spiritual self-effort, is a collection of poetic verses by Babaji Bob Kindler on the many numbered systems of dharma in India. Combining these sutras under the auspice of The Three Proofs of Truth — hearing the Truth from an illumined preceptor, contemplating It in a sacred and secluded setting, and realizing It after Its superlative presence has purified and matured the mind — the ancient and time-tested methods present in the Vedanta Philosophy will find fruition in the sincere student’s mind.


In this retreat, students will have the opportunity to not only focus in on the meaning and power of this indispensable tool for sadhana, but also spend measured time in all three facets of it — all under the direct supervision and counsel of the teacher. Dharma classes will be built around the active implementation of these great philosophical and spiritual practices, allowing time not only to listen and learn about their unique content, but also to enter directly into them during private and silent intervals occurring daily during the retreat.


"....suffice to say that the aspirant must first hear the truth, then roll it over in the mind for a time. The first part occurs in the presence of the spiritual preceptor, or at least this is the best and classic way. The second act marks the difference between contemplation and meditation, the former dealing with and operating at the level of conceptualizations and the latter being utilized more for communion with the Deity and Formless Brahman. After these two have been implemented, realization, or direct spiritual experience, should be the result. No doubt, fear, or lack of clarity can persist in the atmosphere of the well-guided, well-activated triputi of the Three Potent Practices or Three Proofs of Truth.” Footfalls of the Indian Rishis, Babaji Bob Kindler


Location: SRV Retreat Center on the Hamakua Coast, Big Island of Hawaii

Arrival: Thursday, March 21st, between 4 & 6pm

Departure: Monday, March 25th, at 12noon

Tuition, Meals, & Lodging:
Shared rooms, $515/person; Private room, $565; Tenting, $415-465/person

Registration: Begins now. Tuition is due by March 7th
Register by email: srvinfo@srv.org or by phone 808-990-3354
Credit cards are accepted and requires an additional 2.4% handling charge. (call for international handling charge) 
Financial hardship? Contact us to learn about options.

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