Winter Retreat 2019

"A positive stance, a firm resolve, unshakable perseverance, and an unwavering faith, form the crucial content of a mind that is destined for success, in whatever field of endeavor it takes up. Of all of these, the first, a positive stance, is needed the most at the very outset. In the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, which when implemented into life and practice sets the stage for spiritual advancement, it is perfect view — samyak dristi — that allows for all initial forward motion. In Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed Yoga system, it is the removal of bhrantidarshana resulting in correct philosophical orientation that provides for swift and definite spiritual growth. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is the generation of a clear understanding — buddhya vishuddhaya — that sets up the necessary ability of transcendence that follows, in stages. Along the path of Bhakti Yoga, it is the clarity of mind assimilated from holy company — sadhu-satsanga — that brings increased devotion for the Ideal, called the Ishtam. Thus, a positive mental stance is crucial in life and action ...."  Babaji Bob Kindler, Manasana: The Art of Mental Postures


Location: Mindful Heart Forest Retreat, Columbia River Gorge

Arrival: Thursday, February 21st, between 4 & 6pm

Departure: Monday, February 25th, at 12:00 noon

Tuition (all inclusive): $640; students $415

Registration: Two spaces still available!
Register by email: or by phone 808-990-3354 
Credit cards are accepted and requires an additional 2.4% handling charge. (call for international handling charge)

Financial hardship? Call 808-990-3354


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