SwamijiSwami Vivekananda Vijnanagita II 

January 23rd - 27th, 2020
Nehalem, Oregon 

The import of Swami Vivekananda’s visit to the West, and to America in particular, cannot be underestimated and should never be forgotten. Though surging like an underground river towards the surface, and carrying profound ramifications with it, the force of this great soul’s presence on Western shores has already begun to produce candidates for enlightenment and jivamukti-hood among the few. How could it be otherwise, when he brought with him not only ancient India’s noble Vedanta with its pure, advaitic expression, but also the divine presence of Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi within him? Now, it only remains for the awakened souls who recognize this spiritual phenomenon as the divine descent of the age, to adjust to the fresh start of a new religion amongst them, perform the necessary and called-for practices of purification, and claim their divine heritage.

Through Swamiji's tireless efforts, the seeds of Raja Yoga, and the yogas of Wisdom, Devotion, and selfless Action were planted - all to enable us to understand Advaita, Nonduality, and qualify for the state of Enlightenment. He summons the courage in all beings to realize the Highest!

SRV’s winter retreat along the Oregon Coast will focus in on some of the main teachings of the Great Swami, all contemplated in the pristine coastal regions around Nehalem, Oregon, right across the street from the vast forested acres of Nehalem Bay State Park. Peace, quiet, and amazing ocean views will complement this lofty spiritual experience.


Location: Oregon Coast, Nehalem, Oregon 
Arrival: Thursday, January 23rd, between 4 & 6pm
Departure: Monday, January 27th, by 12:00 noon
Tuition (all inclusive): $645; students $420
Registration: Begins now. Tuition is due by January 11th
Register by email: srvinfo@srv.org or by phone 808-990-3354
Credit cards are accepted and requires an additional 2.4% handling charge; 4% for international attendees. 
Pay online here. (Contact us if you need help.)

Financial hardship?  Call 808-990-3354 

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