PatanjaliA Full Course on
Patanjali’s Raja Yoga 

October 22nd – 26th, 2020 
Windwood River region
Stevenson, Washington

The noble Eight-Limbed Yoga of Lord Patanjali has still to fully
arrive in the West, and this is due, in part, to Europe and America’s
preoccupation with yoga of a physical kind only. In this retreat, the
emphasis will begin with teachings on the abiding features of
yama and niyama, such as nonviolence, study of scriptures, and
deep devotion to God. The five crucial steps in between the first
two limbs and the eighth — Raja’s crowning glory of Samadhi —
will also receive a detailed scrutiny so as to ensure a full
understanding of this most comprehesive spiritual pathway.





Location: Windwood Waters Retreat, WA
Arrival: Thursday, October 22nd, by 9:00 pm
Departure: Monday, October 26th, noon
Tuition (all-inclusive): $690;
 Full-time Students: $425                        
Paying by credit card,
 tuition: $705.83;
 students: $434.87 
Pay online here. (Contact us if you need help.) 

Register by email: or
 by phone 808-990-3354
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