Labor Day Weekend Retreat  September 1st – 5th, 2022

In religious life and practice, there are many pathways and yogas which can aid the seeker in gaining access to higher truth and bringing precious spiritual experiences to bear.  Of all of these, Meditation is one of the most sublime and beneficial.  In order to make it more effective, luminaries of different religious traditions have conceived of different types of mentally focused quietude that can lift the imbalanced or ordinary mind out of its habitual thoughts, take its attention away from mundane and wayward attachments, and strip it of its superficial tendencies. 
     Of all of these methods, the one that is most intriguing and attracting to practitioners, and which is common to Mother India's darshanas such as Yoga, Vedanta, and Buddhism, is the Dissolution of the Mindstream Meditation.  How this great discipline works its transformative effects on the striving and seeking human mind will be laid out in the auspicious days of this retreat, over Labor Day weekend, exploring some seven Indian philosophies in conjunction with its purifying influence.

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Location: Mindful Heart Columbia River Gorge Forest Retreat, Corbett, Oregon
Our retreat will be held in a multi-storied house dedicated to small retreat groups, and located in the Columbia Gorge Forest near old growth fir tree groves, waterfalls, and visited by deer and elk……

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Arrival: Thursday, Sept.1st starting at 4pm and before dark! Dinner served around 6:30pm
Departure: Monday, Sept. 5th, after cleanup, which will follow morning class. 
If you are arriving/departing by plane or train, please arrange your itinerary in consultation with us.


mh waterfallTuition all-inclusive: $710; $475 for full-time students
Accommodations: shared rooms or tenting
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