Annapurna Upanisad – Concluding Sections, 4 & 5

Upon studying the concluding sections of the Annapurna Upanisad, Babaji has decided they are far too profound, important, and inspiring to overlook or bypass. Therefore, we will delve into the main teachings of:

• The Phenomena of Nescience (ashtabala siddhas),
• The Subtlemost Ether (Chidakasha),
• The Supreme Witness State (Sakshi Bhutam), plus How Spirit is other than its forms,
• The tree of the mind and its two seeds,
• Why liberation is said to be the complete obliteration of transmigratory life

— all in regards to the Jivanmukta whom we examined thoroughly at the last retreat. True Being, this Upanisad explains, is the "being of time, the being of instants, and the being of living beings; and the masters of Being cultivate the status of the Universal Being."  This destroys all fear of samsara, forever.


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