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Summer Online Seminar 1

June 24th & 25th

• Surfacing karmas
• Unpredictable changing of the three gunas over cycles of time
• The oft-times weighty influence of the hidden ancestor realm
• A confusing upbringing amongst anti-religious or fundamentalist families, relatives, and siblings
• The continual pressure from present-day society and its selfish and violent ways

— amidst all these and more, the serious seeker of God and Truth must attempt to find, follow, and finalize the definitive journey to the Source of Existence. Insights can help or hinder; impediments can do the same.  This seminar will clarify many such distinctions, leaving the aspirant in possession of effective weapons with which to offset and even dispel all the obstacles listed here.  

Online Seminar Tuition
Pricing is per person attending:
US Choice 1: $105, tuition only
US Choice 2: $225 includes 
Footfalls of the Indian Rishis, 
shipped in US.  See video!
Western Europe: $75
Eastern Europe: $30
India: $30
*Class recordings are made available to all participants,
so if your timezone makes it impossible to attend a class or two, you will still get to see it.

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