Autumn/Winter 2013

Transmission of True Knowledge

Many of us have the opportunity to sit in classes with Babaji at the SRV Ashrams. We are grateful for access to his classes online via Livestream technology when he is at the other centers, but it is not a replacement for receiving the undiluted transmission in his presence and cultivating that special bonding between student and teacher and sangha.

As children of the Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi, most, if not all of us, feel that call to be of service to humanity. A great spiritual strength is cultivated in the presence of guru, dharma, and sangha for the benefit of ourselves and collective humanity. It is much easier for newcomers to enter into this path, and our sangha in particular, when we are regularly attending programs.

Therefore, download this schedule of Babaji’s classes and retreats. Mark them on your calendars and make sure to attend them. One never knows when the opportunity will pass.

Download full 2014 mainland and Hawaii Schedules