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Readings from the Vedanta, OR
Contact Ph: 503-515-8194
"Go back to your Upanishads — the shining, the strengthening, the bright philosophy — and part from all these mysterious things, all these weakening things" - Swami Vivekananda.

Dear Friends,
Anurag is travelling and there will be no Upanisad class. Tadrupa will share readings from the Vedanta.
We will continue with our study: "Principles of the Upanishads", in which we
discuss a topic in light of various Upanishadic teachings next week on Dec 13th

Please join us.

Wednesday Ashram Schedule
Meditation: 7:00pm.
Upanisad Study: 7:30pm.
Location SRV Portland Ashram, 1922 SE 42nd Ave
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