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2:30pm-Class, HI
Contact ph: 990-3354

Wisdom of Vedanta with Babaji Bob Kindler

The Secret of Spiritual Self-Storage

 Very few beings alive on earth today are conclusively aware that all the seeds for their existence lie within them, stored in the deepest regions of their own minds.  In this way the mind resembles a watermelon, the seeds within it being the potential for entire worlds, as well as all lifetimes lived in them.  Vedanta teaches that the body/mind mechanism is not the Self, or Atman – Soul.  Much more than the eyes, the mind is nevertheless the greatest and best window into the Soul, whose potency – unlike the mind – is uncaused and unoriginated.  These delicate and refined insights of the Vedanta, and of all Indian darshanas, will be taken apart and further extrapolated upon to heighten understanding of the infinite nature of all existence.

Suggested Donation $20. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Location Waimea, Hawaii Island (Big Island)
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