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9:30am Class / 6pm Sri Ramakrishna Puja, OR
Contact p. 808.990.3354, e.

The class begins at 9:30am to 12:30pm on the Akshi Upanisad. (Live-streamed)
A little jewel, hidden amongst India's copious scriptures, the Akshi Upanisad begins with a salutation to the Sun God (Surya Narayan). Then, He himself delivers the discourse, which is on Brahmavidya. The rishi who approaches Him (in deepest meditation) uses the science of the wise to propitiate Him, providing a wonderful setting for apt beginnings and studies. Special dharma charts have been created around this opening, depicting the Sun God in all His glory and various significances -- some of which are remarkable insights

Suggested Donation $20. No one turned away for lack of funds.
At 6:00pm begins Sri Ramakrishna Puja followed by Potluck Prasad
Please join us. You are welcome, your friends are welcome.

Location Portland Ashram, 1922 SE 42nd Ave
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