Devotional Music

sarasvatiSarvam Khalvidam Brahman, all this is Brahman, the Supreme Reality, says Vedanta. Everything in this universe is pervaded by Brahman. The realization of this Reality is the goal of life. Different means lead to the same goal, as do all rivers to the ocean. Likewise, all forms of art, in their pure aspects, are but different means to enable one to realize the goal of life. And of all the arts, music in particular has been refined and evolved by the ancient Rishis (Seers) of India to help us in this process. The singing of God’s names and glories via chanting, bhajans and stotrams brings us closer to God, for music verily is God, or Nada Brahman. Through devotional music we merge with the Supreme Reality through dissolution into the bliss of pure feeling or pure awareness.

The following are a selection of some of our favorite devotional hyms and bhajans, often sung during SRV pujas and aratis. If you enjoy these, there is much more music of this kind available for purchase in our online store. May devotional music elevate and inspire us with pure Love and the highest bhakti!



listen Hari Om Ramanam

listen Om Hring Ritang

listen Hari Om Ramakrishna

listen Jaya Jagadisha Hare

listen Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu

listen Prakritim Paramam