October Seminar

Online Seminar: Oct. 5 & 6, 2024

A Revealing Look at Birth, Life, Death, and Rebirth

Fulfilling the Soul’s Transmigration, and Ending It

As the blessed poet/saints of India often sing, to incarnate across the boundless expanse of Nature’s five elements is a difficult task for the transmigrating soul. One’s formless Essence, Atman, or Prajnaparam, does not transmigrate, but as long as the individual’s mind holds karmic residue from past lifetimes, so long will it need to take births in relativity to dissolve it. Then only is it free from rebirth.

Becoming aware of the relative truth of rebirth launches one on the path to liberation from taking on forms, particularly with regard to assuming them in ignorance. Then, tracing the soul’s travels through a host of worlds and forms, followed by applying effective disciplines in order to disintegrate the tendencies and conditionings inherited there, will avail the soul of the subtle techniques that will introduce it to the salient truth of liberation (jivanmukta), and the final realization of its eternal oneness with Formless Reality (Brahman). As the Father of Yoga states: “She, the primordial Shakti, strips away the overlays of name and form from the aspiring being, and returns it to its final emancipation.”



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