Sunday Class – Crucial Eastern Teachings for Western Minds: A Spiritual Stroll Through the Varaha Upanisad

Sunday, July 14, 21, 28

2:30pm HST; 4:30 Pacific (PDT) (zoom link)

The primordial wisdom inherent in the Cosmic Mind of God, which also lies latent in the individual minds of humanity, requires constant reminders throughout a soul’s series of lifetimes — a kind of age to age refresher course.  This effort at primal recollection of what is always true will deflect the onslaught of suffering- causing ignorance in mankind, doing away with hypnotization by nature, the covering power of maya, the influence of spiritually unawakened ancestors, and the individual’s own self-actuated karmas.

The ancient rishis of Mother India, in their sincere compassion for embodied beings on earth and in heaven, left behind methods of practice and teachings of clarification so as to bestow upon mankind ways of remaining focused on the original wisdom (adhidaivavidya) that God and Mother placed in every intellect, every scripture, every word, and every principle.  The Varaha Upanisad is one of these illuminating records, and even a study of a single chapter of it will remind us who we are, what nature is, and who Brahman is.

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