Sunday Class – The Original Kriya Yoga of Patanjali: The Three Noble Nidanas

Sunday, July 7th

2:30pm HST; 5:30 Pacific (PDT) (zoom link)

              The tree of traditional Yoga has eight limbs.  The first two, named “Yamas” and “Niyamas,” sport five branches each.  It was from the five Niyamas that the Father of Yoga, Patanjali, drew forth the constituents for his famous Kriya Yoga system.  These three are “Tapas/Austerity, Svadhyaya/Study of Scriptures, and Ishvara Pranidhana/Increasing Devotion to God.  They form a concentrated sadhana all their own.

              The Father of Vedanta, Vedavyasa, commenting on the Yoga Sutras, stated unequivocably that Kriya Yoga has the sole purpose of bringing the practitioner to Samadhi.  Kriya Yoga systems which have surfaced since Patanjali composed his Ashtanga Yoga focus only on the body, the physical nervous system, and the breath, thereby heavily compromising authentic Yoga’s lofty intent.  This class will present Kriya Yoga in it’s original form, outlining it’s unique benefits for the sincere aspirant.