In The Spirit Individual – Miscellaneous

In The Spirit: Miscellaneous

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297. Louise Berle ~ Complete with music by Mahavishnu John Maclaughlin, this show centers around discussions between Lex Hixon and his guest Louise Berle. (1970’s)

298. On Nature ~ With Lex Hixon away on Haj in Turkey and Israel, guest host Mary Patricia does a program on nature utilizing readings from various sources. (1978)

299. Don & Susan Dyne ~ Don and Susan Dyne of the Seva Foundation meet with Lex Hixon for questions and discussions. (1980)

300. Kanya ~ Tree of Life bookstore owner, Kanya, comes on the show with Lex Hixon to speak about his life and profession.

301. Kanya ~ Opening traditionally with the music of Vasant Rai, Lex Hixon welcomes Tree of Life bookstore owner, Kanya, on the program for a second time. (1980)

302. Ruth Dennison ~ Opening with readings of Agnes Martin, Lex Hixon welcomes Ruth Dennison on the program.