In The Spirit Individual – Spiritual Communities

In The Spirit: Spiritual Communities

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186. Peter Caddy ~ Petty Caddy, founder of Findhorn spiritual community, is Lex Hixon’s guest.

187. Eileen Caddy ~ Eileen Caddy, co-founder of Findhorn community and wife of Peter Caddy speaks on herself and her life in a spiritual community. (1976)

188. Bill Thompson ~ Lex Hixon interviews Bill Thompson who speaks about the Auroville community and other related issues.

189. Bill Thompson ~ Lex Hixon speaks on his decision to leave Sri Chinmoy’s following and then interviews Bill Thompson about the Lindesfarne community.

190. Four spiritual communities ~ Tassajara, Lindesfarne, Auroville and Findhorn are the topics or discussion by founders and members of each community.

191. Steve and Inamae Gaskin ~ Guest host Eve Quinn interviews Steve and Inamae Gaskin about their communty, The Farm. (1979)

192. Steve Gaskin ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Steve Gaskin from The Farm about the purpose of that community and its schedule and resources. (1980)

193. Steve Gaskin ~ Steve Gaskin appears on WBAI once again in an interview with Lex Hixon concerning the community called, The Farm.

194. John Roger ~ Lex Hixon speaks with John Roger about MSIA and other related subjects. (1979)

195. John Roger ~ John Roger appears for a second time on In The Spirit on its eighth anniversary. (1979)

196. James & Barbara Mejra ~ The Plenty Project gets airtime as guest host Eve Quinn welcomes and speaks with John and Barbara Mejra. (1980)