In The Spirit Individual – Inter-Religious

In The Spirit: Inter-Religious

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251. Sushil Muni & Swami Chidananda ~ Taped at a convention, Lex Hixon airs a program with Jain Leader Sushil Muni and Sivananda Yoga exponent Swami Chidananda. (1975)

252. Swami Kriyananda & Sunbear ~ Lex Hixon combines East Indian with Western Indian as he interviews both Sunbear and his partner Waban and Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Swami Yogananda, founder of the Self Realization Fellowship. (1977)

253. Ram Das & Father Paul Meyer ~ Judio/Christianity and Hinduism meet as guest Host Mary Patricia Hunt Perry hosts Ram Das, an American who practices Indian religion and Father Meyer, a Jewish born Catholic Priest. (1979)

254. Rabbi Singer & Helen & Bernie Glassman ~ Judaism and Zen are the topics as Lex Hixon speaks with Rabbi Singer and the Glassmans. (1980)

255. Helen Glassman & Rabbi Don Singer ~ Rabbi Singer and Helen Glassman take turns talking to host Lex Hixon about their lives and spiritual practices. (1980)

256. Zen & Judaism ~ Lex Hixon hosts a show on Zen and Judaism and gives his insights into both. (1980)

257. Radical Judaism & Mother Serena ~ With readings from the scriptures and music, Lex Hixon gives a fresh interpretation to the life of Jesus and then interviews Rosacrucian minister Mother Serena.

258. Jacob’s Ladder ~ Using segments of past shows, guest host Salick Schwartz presents a collage of various highlights from previous In The Spirit programs.

259. Easter ~ With Easter as the motivation, Lex Hixon speaks about the intrinsic connection between Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

260. Collage ~ Excerpts from different shows are presented as a collage.

261. Rabbi, Father, Swami & Priest ~ Lex Hixon brings together four adherents of different religions for an interreligious service, taping it live.

262. Sat Prem & Suzuki Roshi ~ In the first of a series of four similar programs, Lex Hixon reads from the writings of Sat Prem and Suzuki Roshi. (1980)

263. Sat Prem & Suzuki Roshi ~ In continuation, Lex Hixon continues exploring the writings of Sat Prem and Suzuki Roshi through live readings over the air. (1980)

264. Sat Prem & Suzuki Roshi ~ The writings of French born Sri Aurobindo disciple Sat Prem, and Zen master Suzuki Roshi are read out loud over the air by Lex Hixon, intersperced with his own insights. (1980)

265. Sat Prem & Suzuki Roshi ~ In a final program of a series of four shows, the readings of Sat Prem and Suzuki Roshi are explored through readings and discussion by Lex Hixon. (1980)

266. Swami Hariharananda & Deravamsa ~ Lex Hixon hosts meditation teachers, Swami Hariharananda, a Hindu who speaks about the Kriya Yoga technique, and Deravamsa, a Buddhist who teaches Vipasana. (1977)