In The Spirit Individual – Buddhism

In The Spirit: Buddhism

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1. Dalai Lama ~ A three-hour special with readings and talks about the Dalai Lama with a Tibetan diplomat, a professor and several high lamas. A tape of His Holiness is also aired. (1979)

2. Kalu Rinpoche ~ speaks on Tibetan Buddhist teachings with the help of a translator. A taped refuge ceremony is included. (1974)

3. Kalu Rinpoche ~ Lex Hixon reads Milarepa and interviews Kalu Rinpoche, a lineage holder in Milarepa’s line.

4. Kalu Rinpoche ~ Lex Hixon talks about Kalu Rinpoche and the Karmapa and airs two taped interviews as well as a taped refuge ceremony.

5. Kempo Kathar Rinpoche ~ Guest host, Judy Frank, speaks with guest Kempo Kathar Rinpoche, abbot of the Tibetan Buddhist center in Woodstock, N.Y. (1978)

6. Kempo Kathar Rinpoche ~ Guest host, Judy Frank interviews Kempo Kathar Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher who has been teaching in the United States since 1945 and who has centers in New York, Woodstock, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Albany and Katona. (1980) (Second half not available)

7. Kempo Kathar Rinpoche ~ Guest host, Judy Frank, asks the Tibetan teacher about the Four Noble Truths and their relevance in daily life. (1980)

8. Sakya Trizin and Kalu Rinpoche ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Sakya Trizin about initiation, taking refuge and various Buddhist teachings and deities with a break to talk to Kalu Rinpoche before resuming the conversation again.

9. Sakya Trizin ~ the 40th preceptor in a line of lineage holders of the Sakya order, with a particular emphasis on the feminine principle of the Divine. Madeline Noll also questions Sakya Trizin and phone calls are taken afterwards.

10. Sakya Trizin ~ the head of the Sakya order in Tibet shares his knowledge of the Tantric practices of Tibetan Buddhism, particularly about the Kalachakra initiation.

11. Trungpa Rinpoche ~ a show dedicated to Trungpa Rinpoche, a contemporary Tibetan master, with excerpts from his writings, a taped interview, discussions with two of his students and a live interview on the air.

12. Jamgong Kontrul Rinpoche ~ a Tibetan Buddhist adept who speaks on the various teachings with the help of a translator. (1977)

13. Tartang Tulku ~ Lex Hixon interviews Tartung Rinpoche, a lama of the ancient Ningma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, and converses with several of the Rinpoche’s students. (1975)

14. Dudjom Rinpoche ~ Emanation of Gurupadmasambhava in the Ningma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, is interviewed using a translator.

15. Dudjom Rinpoche ~ a revered teacher of the Ningma lineage, the most ancient Tibetan Buddhist lineage, gives a message about the Buddha Dharma to America on its 200th anniversary. (1976)

16. Jetsun Kushila ~ the sister of Sakya Trizin of the Sakya order, who speaks on the Mother Tantra, the feminine divine and the role of women in Tibetan religious practice and teaching. (1978)

17. Doma Kusha ~ the wife of Dongchen Rinpoche of the Sakya order, who is brother of Sakya Trizin, the head of that lineage. (1980)

18. Ole Nydahl ~ a western practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism who is a student of both Kalu Rinpoche and the Karmapa, speaks on Buddha Dharma. (1978)

19. Ole Nydahl ~ On the advent of the Dalai Lama’s first visit to the United States, Lex Hixon announces the auspicious occasion and celebrates all month with programs on Tibetan Buddhism, including this show with Ole Nydahl. (1979)

20. Ole and Hana Nydahl ~ a Danish couple who speak on the Tibetan Buddha Dharma. (1980)

21. Milarepa ~ Lex Hixon reads selections of writings and songs from the great Milarepa, the Tibetan Buddhist Tantric adept and Mahasiddhi. (1980)

22. Eido Roshi ~ Lex Hixon’s revered guest is Eido Roshi, a Zen Buddhist teacher, and he speaks with several of the Roshi’s students. (1975)

23. Eido Roshi ~ A taped interview with Eido Roshi is aired as well as a taped interview with Soen Roshi, along with some readings and recitations.

24. Bernie Glassman Sensei ~ a Zen Buddhist teacher who is a dharma successor of Japanese Soto Zen Master, Maizumi Roshi, director of the Los Angeles Zen Center. (1978)

25. Bernie Glassman ~ speaks on Obstacles to Zen Practice and the Experience of Enlightenment. (1979)

26. Bernie Glassman ~ recipient of Zen Dharma transmission from Maizumi Roshi and the leader of the Zen Community of New York, talks about the Prajna Paramita Sutra. (1981)

27. Bernie Glassman ~ speaks about the different levels of enlightenment with interspersed reading selections from the writings of Dogen Zenji.

28. Maizumi Roshi ~ Lex Hixon’s special guest is Japanese Soto Zen Master, Maizumi Roshi, the director of the Zen Center of Los Angeles, and his student Bernie Glassman Sensei. (1980)

29. Bernie Glassman & Zen Community ~ Several students from the Zen Community of New York join their teacher, Bernie Glassman, his wife, Helen, Don Singer, and others to share their experiences of spiritual life and sangha. (1980)

30. Louise Berle ~ student of Yasutari Roshi, Zen Buddhist meditation master, speaks about her spiritual experiences.

31. Phillip Kapleau ~ Zen practitioner and author.

32. Delancy Kapleau ~ Lex Hixon airs parts of the first “In The Spirit” show and interviews Delancy Kapleau, Canadian born spiritual practitioner who speaks about Zen, Hindu practices, and astrology.

33. Daido John Loori ~ Guest host, Eve Quinn, hosts Daido John Loori, Zen practitioner and photographer from the Los Angeles Zen Center. (1979)

34. Daido John Loori ~ Zen practitioner, teacher and photographer, speaks about photography as a means of spiritual expression with regards to the sacred traditions. (1980)

35. Daido John Loori ~ Guest host, Eve Quinn, welcomes John Loori on the show for a third time to talk about a new practice oriented arts community and a spiritually oriented photography school associated with Zen arts.

36. New York Zen Community ~ Lex Hixon reads from Hakuen’s writings of enlightenment experiences and the New York Zen Community presents a program with Zen instruction and various Zen teachings.

37. Lou Nordstrom ~ Lex Hixon discusses the Buddhist teachings of Non-Self and the principle of Impermanence with Lou Nordstrom, a Westerner who left Columbia University to join a monastery and become a Zen Buddhist Monk.

38. Master Shen Yen ~ a Chinese Chuan Zen teacher who immigrated to Taiwan and who also lives in New York teaching and giving retreats.

39. Master Shen Yen ~ Zen master, author, teacher, and a monk since the age of twelve, who speaks about the three great requirements for Chuan Zen practice.

40. Master Shen Yen ~ accompanied by some of his students, who speak on Zen practice and personal experiences.

41. Master Shen Yen ~ who chants the three refuges, tells of the important occurrences in his life and explains the Chuan Zen teachings with the help of a translator. (1977)

42. Joseph Goldstein ~ American teacher of Vipassana Meditation, who speaks about his life and his interests in Western and Eastern philosophy and his Buddhist practice. (1975)

43. Robert Thurman ~ professor at Amherst and Harvard, who speaks about his experiences with Buddhist teachings.

44. Robert Thurman ~ An energetic exchange between Lex Hixon and his guest, Robert Thurman, is undertaken in the form of a philosophical discussion about Buddhism in many of its aspects. (1974)

45. Mahas ~ a Burmese Buddhist meditation master who speaks on Nirvana and the practices one undergoes to attain it.