In the spirit of Nectar, Advaita-satya-amritam

Inspirations from Babaji’s editorials

This is one of the aims of our SRV journal, to show that all practice along the spiritual path can and should be undertaken with the fore-knowledge of our essential oneness with God. – from issue #1

The material offered in nectar is designed to lift the mind up to spiritual heights where body, world, nature and dual mind are seen as they truly are – vehicles for indwelling Consciousness – rather than as the only reality. – from issue #2

Inward exploration reveals the answers to all the mind’s questions, whereas outward focus devoid of enlightenment only fixes the mind on transitory phenomena. Like a crystal which takes on the color of that which it is placed near, the mind becomes what it is focused upon. – from issue #3

The student awakens the principle of Guru Tattva in him or herself due to the spiritual preceptor’s presence and example, and thus swiftly reaches the ultimate goal of human existence. Guru is thus the light of pure, conscious Awareness – timeless, deathless and eternal. – from issue #4

Here is the acid test with regards to true art forms: if they help reveal the divine essence in human nature and assist human character by way of positive accretion, then they can be said to be real, authentic, and ultimately meaningful. – from issue #5, Special issue on Sacred Arts & Spirituality

There is another secret to oneness. Reality will accept no pretenders to the throne of Unity, and will spontaneously and unerringly reject all methods at realizing it but “one.” That one is the way of renunciation. – from issue #6

Spiritual practice, austerity, sacrifice, self-surrender, striving for perfection – by whatever name it is referred to, its value is beyond assessment. Its implementation into daily life is what represents the difference between a culture that is sense-bound, materialistic, even hedonistic, and an enlightened people that stand for the highest of ideals based upon a common good for all – especially the suffering and the oppressed. – from issue #7, on The Excellence of Sacrifice and Self Effort

Where will we look for lasting peace, then? In forest glades, among high mountain passes, in cavernous caves, in temples, shrines and meditation chambers? All these exist in the indivisible Self. – from issue #8, on Peace – Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Terrestrial

A man possessed of the universal view cannot remain satisfied with the world of name and form alone, for he knows that it is only a simulacrum – a likeness or representation, a shadow or trace of the original. But if he be endowed with the single eye of Wisdom, all of nature, including beings in physical and subtle realms, will reflect harmony. – from issue #9, on Spiritual Perspectives

Reality is “hidden.” Nature is Its sporting-ground, the universe Its Cosmic Mind, thought-force is Its power to create, revealed scripture is Its revelation, and forms and objects are solid reminders of both Its power to create and Its transcendent and unlimited nature. – from issue #10, on Extracting Essence

Beings may talk glibly and in circles of credulous conjecture about Advaita, Nondual Reality, but one will notice, if one studies and contemplates, that no great teacher ever separated out the Divine Destination from the sedulous self-effort (sadhana) that it takes to get there. – from issue #11, on The Pearl of Great Price

Our intense yearning to be free must lead us straightaway to the path, the teacher and the specific formula for the attainment of divine life that best suits each individual’s karmas, abilities, and capacities. – from issue #12, on Cultivation of Spiritual Practice

Transcendence is the superlative art of the spiritual adept, practiced in appreciation of the immanence of Divine Reality and in celebration of Eternal Life, in spite of the presence of the contrasting opposites which Its inscrutable power projects. – from issue #13, on Truth, Transformation, and Transcendence

After sincere and one-pointed commitment to Truth is attained, followed up by a firm dedication to one’s path, a sedulous practice, and an unswerving devotion to God and Guru – all constantly cultivated – the onset of spiritual maturation will occur as a matter of course. – from issue #14

“It is Their unbounded Love that gives Them away.” (Girish Ghosh describing Sri Ramakrishna and Holy Mother) – from issue #15 Special issue commemorating Holy Mother’s 150th birth anniversary

The illumined seers who gave us the revealed scriptures do not engage in spirituality merely for exercise or enjoyment, nor speculate just for sport, or analyze to effect an easy amelioration. They topple the troublesome but tenuous towers of maya and take Truth by storm. – from issue #16

This loss of Divine Memory, this betrayal of Eternal Friendship, this abandonment of Spiritual Support is much more lamentable than loss of life, property, money and temporal possessions. In ancient times it was called svarupanyathabhava – forgetfulness of one’s true nature as birthless, deathless, timeless Awareness. – from issue #17

Though Oneness may be less of a goal and more of a natural abiding condition, it is still the subtlest of all eternal principles, the teachings of which represent the most enigmatic pieces of information one can ever hope to ponder. – from issue #18

The criteria for the attainment of genuine spirituality are clear, as is the definition of what spirituality actually is. If one has doubts in this regard, then recourse to holy company will remove them. – from issue #19

Nothing else benefits us nearly as much as spirituality. Further, it is an innate principle, never divorced from or far away from the soul. That we divorce ourselves from It is the real cause of all suffering. – from issue #20

Whether by invitation, by interest, by challenge, or even by desperation or divine decree, we must find within us the compelling urge to seek out the end of suffering and ignorance and come face to face with the Divine who, according to the Tradition of Truth called Nonduality, with Its incomparable ideal of Universality, is our very Self. – from issue #21

For the sake of a more lasting peace, what to speak of spiritual realization, we must come to realize that there is no such thing as a foreign religion; this insight will set us on sound spiritual footing as we ascend the various mountain ranges of direct soul-experience. – from issue #22

More About Nectar of Non-Dual Truth

Nectar, first published in the Fall of 2000, is the “longest arm” of our spiritual service, finding its way into countries around the world and in U.S. prisons. Its message of experiential Advaita or Nondual Reality, which is at the foundation of all religious traditions, is offered in the spirit of world ecumenism and mutual understanding. Most of all, Nectar of Non-Dual Truth inspires its readers to sincerely gather their energies and orient all earthly endeavors for the purpose of realizing their Infinite Nature, the One Self in all beings. This alone will conduce to both the material well-being and highest good of all people.

To this end we publish in Nectar articles from teachers and practitioners of the different world traditions, feature “Nectar of Advaitic Instruction,” a question and answer column written by SRV’s Spiritual Director, Babaji Bob Kindler, and review books from different religious and philosophical perspectives upholding the theme of Ultimate Unity.

Nectar is distributed free of charge to spiritual centers around the U.S., India and other countries, to prison inmates, and low income persons.