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omBut wait! dominosomWhen we draw AUM in Sanskrit, there are more than three parts to it - there are more than an upper curve (“A”) connected to a lower curve (“U”), with both connected to a tail (“M”).  There is a “one-eyed smile,” the Shvara, which sits above and unconnected to the three states.  This represents Turiya (like Atman) - the Fourth and all-pervading state that watches everything happening (or not happening) in the three others. This is our true Self.

Next, we made the AUM sign in Sanskrit out of dominoes.  What a challenge to keep them from falling too soon!  This was our experiment: to see how waking, dreaming, and deep sleep can shift, but the Shvara never does.  Our true Self is unaffected by anything in the three states.  Just watch!

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