We are gathered around in the upstairs classroom in the SRV San Francisco Ashram with three children. Today is February 14th and we are blessed with Babaji's presence on this visit.  Let me share with you the exciting breakthroughs and highlights of the divine lesson of today's Children's Spiritual class.

Asana/Meditation Pose - Meditation with Guruji

We have taken into practice a meditation asana at the beginning of each class. Through this practice the children begin to become more familiar with the pose and become more comfortable within the pose.  Three eager faces are looking toward me as I begin to explain and demonstrate: "Please sit with legs crossed one over each other, back straight, eyes gently closed, tail bone curled in, neck pushed slightly back, chin slanted towards chest, tongue resting on the roof of the mouth, hands resting in lap one over the other with palms facing upward as if cupping a pool of water." Sebastian wants his hands resting on his knees with thumb touching and meeting middle finger.

The highlight of last winter's pilgrimage to India for me, without a doubt, was being in the company of three of our SRV teens, Marleigh, Logan, and Adam.  What wonderful conversations and classes we had on Vivekananda, the yamas and niyamas of Yoga, the nature of the Self, embodiment and the world. How fascinating to see India through their sense of adventure and openness. 

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