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Pithy Points to Ponder:
This competition of the ego for the throne of Atman is futile!

Brooding is a waste of time.

Where the Atman is, the world isn't.

An actor who doesn't drop his role after the play is over is crazy.  But a good actor fully identifies with the role, then drops it at will.

About Holy Company, you can't wake up in a land of sleepiness.  You have to journey to where people are awake to wake up yourself.

Maya is like the Bermuda Triangle; you don't want to go there.  Seek instead the "Brahmuda" Triangle - hearing, contemplating, and realizing the Truth.

"Man does not live by bread alone."  Man is Consciousness, which doesn't require food for its existence.

Boredom and fear are companions.  Now you're bored, then you're afraid of what's going to happen next!

Moksha (freedom/liberation) is not transformation, not reconciling oneself to an angry father God, not about sloughing off sins and transgressions either.  It is a permanent state already and always at hand.

The Atman is in all things, but is not the thing itself.  It is the eternal Subject, not the external object.

Atman is present in the sentient and the insentient, but by "present" we mean all-pervasive, not limited.

If you react to things it only means that you restlessly believe in cause and effect.  If you don't react, it calmly relates that you don't believe in cause and effect.

About rage and its problem, remember that it is not you who are in anger, but anger that is in you.  You should never have let it in.  Your nature is pure and ever peaceful.  Sri Ramakrishna has said in the Gospel, "Anger is demonic; never give in to it."

I came from enlightenment and will return to enlightenment -- but I have to remember it is my true nature.  What is more, since enlightenment is my nature, should I not live life in an enlightened state?

I see everything as knowledge -- it is all a form of my own knowledge.  For one who has gone beyond wisdom, he/she sees everything as Brahman -- like a Ramakrishna.

Ahamkara, in Vedanta, is that moment you separated yourself from Brahman.  When the grossest sheath (physical body) and the subtlest sheath (ahamkara/ego) confuse each other, then there is an imbalance and loss of intelligence (mental body).

There is a reason that Sanskrit is such an important language, and is called, Devabhasha -- the language of the gods.  If you use your language mainly to speak about God, as the Rishis did, then it becomes pregnant with indications of God.
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