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Your mind creates your body.  You've got so many lives; can't you give one up for your own good and the good of others?  Is your life so wonderful that you cannot give it up for the higher good?  And if you bring up security, if security is such an important thing to acquire, then why aren't you securing your future -- that is, spiritualizing your future births?

Learn to love yourself first; then you can love others.  It is the altruistic way to love outwardly first, which is not based in oneness/unity, and still hate yourself for things that went wrong.

What is resurrection to Vedantists?  It is an occult power, and this can lead one astray.  Sri Krishna said to Arjuna that the possession of even one occult power will make it impossible to reach the Goal of Self-Realization.  To understand Jesus' resurrection think in terms of projection -- a reflection on the intellect.  This is Chidabhasa, and includes all forms you see -- including your vision of Divine Mother, Krishna, Jesus, and so forth.   In other words, Christ did not rise from the dead; how silly!  He never died in the first place, can never die.  When His body expired he projected a vision of Himself to His disciples -- those of them who had developed their spirituality to a higher degree.

Pithy Points to Ponder

Teachers don't give opinions, they give Truth.  Compare the words of the luminaries across religious traditions and you will find the essential points remain the same.

The bumper stickers around here say, "Keep Portland weird."  How about "Make Portland wise?"

"With the production of all these charts, my students quip: "You're going to give us a chart attack!"  I hope so.  It would be like a jnana coronary.

Talk about time-saving devices, the memory is one of the best.  Use it.

For Sri Ramakrishna, samadhi was a normal condition.  Coming out of divine union seemed painful for him.

Here, in this world, you are like the Self, in the Self, but imagining yourself as everything but the Self.

Union is not something that happens after separation.  Separation is an illusory sojourn from our true Self.

Ekagra (one-pointed) mind equals devotion to the guru and path, and can also manifest as devotion to "I am."

You cannot really see ignorance disappear because it doesn't really exist.

Sin isn't a black mark on your soul; it's something that emerges from the impure mind.

A Yogi knows that change will always happen -- apparently.

The world is a state of mind.  When you go into deep sleep and death, where does it go?  It must be in your mind.

Why is spirituality so superior to altruism?  If you serve human beings as God they can see themselves as God, but if you keep serving them as human beings they will continue seeing themselves only as human beings.

It is probably perseverance that nets you afterlife in higher births.

Maya is the ultimate 4-letter word of all 4-letter words.

People have to change their mind to realize the changelessness of Brahman.

There's a great power in the Word; there's a great power in Atmajnan: it transcends lifetimes.

If you've looked out on Nature, it is beautiful.  But if you've been out in nature you find that it is not always so.  It is where birth, death, disease, and death occur.

Why would you want take away someone's suffering?  It's what's driving people out of maya.

Rather than thinking of how you can make your mind higher, think of how others might benefit from your higher mind.

To the worldly, sankalpa -- desire-based imagining -- is a habit, a dangerous game.  But for the Seers it is a powerful and helpful art.  The former is called mayic sankalpa, and the latter, Atmic sankalpa.  May we all acquire the latter.....
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