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The seers think of the Word as constantly vibrating, but no one strikes it.  It is the Unstruck Sound.

The ancient Indians began  with the premise that God not only exists, but God is Existence.

There are good reasons why "nothing does not exist" and why you do not even have to ask if God exists.  God is existence.  All you have to do is find out what existence is.  No one says they do not exist.  Everyone declares "I exist."  Who can deny this?

"Existence Is" -- this conclusion is what the ancient rishis of India started with.  Ultimate Reality can't be a void; it would have to be held in a fullness.  For when you go to the "void," you find that it is not really empty after all.  Your Self is there, the one perceiving the void.

Philosophy has the advantage of teaching us the nondual Reality.  Religion has the advantage of getting people ready for philosophy.  And these are the two wings of the bird. One cannot get off the ground without them.  In India, they never separated religion and philosophy.  Heart and mind both have to be healthy.

Getting Connected
I think I am separate from water.  But water connects to my sense of taste.  I think I am separate from the element fire, but it is connected to my sense of sight.  So all the elements are connected to my senses. And where are the senses connected?  Back in the mind, and ultimately to the Word.  So this is the visible part, or the tip of the iceberg of Prakriti, Nature.  Its bulk lies deep within us, and needs a thorough inspection.

Inside your mind is everything contained in the realms of name and form. Flavor is in the mind.  The tongue is in the body, and also the organ of tasting, but flavor is in the mind. Everyone tastes things differently, but flavor is one and it is connected to the subtle idea of liquidity.  If you taste without being connected, then you taste with attachment.  But if you are connected, then you simply enjoy the flavor - you get the rasa, the purest enjoyment.  In Indian cosmology "flavor" is one of five tanmatras, termed subtle senses or subtle sense objects.  From the tanmatras evolve the ability to use our senses and the actual fleshy body parts that make contact with external stimuli.  So, flavor is connected to the organ of tasting (in the brain) and the tongue; Odor is connected to the organ of smelling (in the brain) and the nose, and so forth.

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