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Pithy Points to Ponder
[Clarifying Buddhist & Vedantic terms:]
Anatman in Buddhism equates to Ahamkara (ego, or false self) in Vedanta.
Atman in Vedanta equates to Buddha Nature in Buddhism.

Vedanta does not seek to convert. It wants to bring out the nondual perspective of the founders of Religion.  Clarification is the name of the game.  Beings can then make wise choices and enjoy a truly universal Faith.

What is the famous "veil of nescience?"  It consists of fear and doubt.  These create uncertainty, or lack of self-assurance, and nobody feels like penetrating inwards to their Essence.

The Trinity is the ultimate Triputi.  The Trinity is the last stop before merging into the Nondual Brahman.  One gets to the Father through the Son.

Your blood family is your karma family.  Amidst your sangha you will find no undue karmas....unless one foolishly creates them there.

Dharma Megha Samadhi (Raincloud of Virtues).  Yes, this is a mega Samadhi all right.

It is the "I" in "I am," not the "I" in "I, me and mine," that is crucial.

I was once asked if I give shakti pat, "No," I said, "I give Vedantic pot shots."

Reflected Consciousness is the microcosm; Associated consciousness is the macrocosm. [Divisions of Atman chart]

We never learned to love the true Self of others.  Instead, we are trying to love their egos, and so we are suffering.

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