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[These notes are from Babaji’s classes from September 2012 through March 2013]

Insights into Yoga

One does not transgress the laws of Nature, one leaves Nature behind.  This is the real meaning of levitation.

A special thing happens when the adept enters Sananda Samadhi, which is perception of individual bliss.  It is all-attracting, but the soul turns away and sees that its light is like a moon.  It is shining due to the presence of another Light.  The result of this perception is the beginning of Asamprajnata Samadhi.

The yogi says that if you have not connected the gross elements to the Cosmic elements then you live a disconnected life, a fragmented life.  The result of that is materialism.

There is a samadhi called jada, which results in stunned consciousness.  The main thing that stuns us there is finding out that all the realms lie within us.

Controlling the prana is controlling the senses on the way out, and the mind on the way in.  You control the senses so you do not get lost as they flow out towards the five elements.  The seers know that the best way to control the senses is by controlling the mind, for everything has come from it.

Your challenge as a yogi is to find Om, to dissolve everything back into It.

The Word is the portal into formlessness, as well as the portal back into form.

I have to become a seer if I want to go into deep sleep a seer and come back out a seer.

You do not have to believe in God to practice Yoga.  Just do the practice and along the way God will occur to you.

Where does the yogi's mind rest when he or she is not involved in something?  In Peace, and in the all-pervasive prana.

Prana travels along the nadis and takes the mind-soul out of the body.  This happens in dream, deep sleep, at the time of death, but best of all, in meditation.

In order to get into nirudha, you have to remain a very long time in ekagra, which means a non-reactive state — no reactions of anger, fear, etc. [Nirudha is mind in abeyance, vibrationless.  Ekagra is one-pointed mind.]

Regarding control of the senses:  If we have spiritual knowledge then we can control them.  Without this knowledge things go their own way, and we are dragged along with them.

One masters nature inside of oneself.  Does anyone ever master nature outside?  Nature is much bigger than we are.

What holds the universe of name and form together?  The New Agers say it is Love.  Scientists reserve their judgment.  Enterprising scientists, taking a risk, name that force Gaia.  In truth, it is the mind that holds the universe together.  It all came from the mind.  Your mind performs the solidification process, then diffuses all into particles in deep sleep.  Samadhi dissolves it all forever.

The yogi turns negativity into a positive force.

The mental asanas in yoga are the yamas and niyamas, and you have to master these before you sit.  When you sit cross-legged it opens the muladhara chakra, almost as a matter of course.  One has to be prepared for this.

You will never be able to think about Brahman or still the mind's waves if you cannot withdraw the mind from objects.

The way to get the mind off the objects is to take certain of them as alambanas.  Then one realizes how they connect to each other, and to the mind.  Before, you thought the objects were separate from each other, and separate from you.  You thought they were real and that they could fulfill you.  But later you find that you are connected to all of them, that they have all come out of you.

Ojas is a power that develops when one takes the mind off the objects.


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