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Brahman is the Reality

There is no other use for action than knowledge.  Have you seen how many busy people have died and no one remembers them?

If you can live in the body in knowledge of your true nature then you will live a dharmic life, a divine life, and you may realize the state of Enlightenment.

In India, they have always thought in terms of that which is transcendent of cycles of time.

Reality is Changeless, so if you are seeing change, you are not seeing Reality.

Without getting rid of ignorance one will not be able to love or know what to love, nor how to think.

If you lose your connection with formlessness you will get lost among objects.

We come into the body and start seeking the world.  We do not seek God.  But didn't Jesus say to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within?

Q: Do my actions matter?
A: No – not to Brahman, which is transcendent, and not to Maya, which is insentient.  But to you, in the middle, dharmic actions matter.

They asked Swami Vivekananda: "Have you seen God?"  He replied, "I have seen naught but God all my life, nor have you."  All you see is God.  And if you meet an enemy on the path, that too is Brahman.  You have obstacles?  Those are Brahman also.  You can call it Maya for a while, but when Maya is removed from the picture you see that it was all only Brahman all along.

If you get attracted to experiences, then you are just a pleasure-seeker.  Extract the essence from your experiences and be a seer.

This solves everything:  It is either all unreal or it is all Real.  If it is unreal, you can easily renounce it; you cannot own something that is unreal.  If it is all Real, then that is what you are and there is nothing to renounce.

Here in the West most beings are pleasure lovers.  But Sri Krishna says that what we really want is that which is sour in the beginning and turns sweet later.  That is spiritual practice, and few want to do it.  So they lean towards pleasure seeking.

When you inspect the nature of suffering you find that it is unreal.  Then you can have compassion — then you stop projecting the unreal on God and Guru and you can help without being a part of the problem.

All these experiences mesmerize us.  We get distracted by their rising and falling.  But the Witness sees the vast expanse of water but does not get distracted by its waves.

Did we come out of dust?  The Soul is birthless, deathless, all-pervasive.  Can you create a soul?

How do I start any sadhana without breaking the rules of Advaita?  Can I adopt a mental asana of nonduality before starting?  These are beneficial questions.

One cannot see the highest from the lowest.  One needs to raise the mind to see Pure Reality.  Holy Mother said that you have to take your mind with you all the way to Brahman.

Ahimsa Koan: Thou cannot kill
Student engages in manana (reasons about this) and returns to the teacher.
Student:  I think I understand.  You cannot kill because the Soul is eternal.
Teacher: Yes, the Soul is birthless and deathless. [Next koan]: It is an eternal Existence.
Student (after more manana): If the Soul is birthless and deathless, then there can be no divisions to it.  There must be only one.
Teacher: Yes, You cannot kill another because there is no "other."


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