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The Mother and Lord of the Universe (Ishvari/Ishvara/Saguna Brahman)

Mother is the generative power in the Word and all Mantras.

Whereas the Avatar is not interested in descending to the lowest levels with you, Divine Mother will.  She is even present at the muladhara chakra, at the base of the spine.

Practitioners sometimes say, "My life is balanced.  I feel fine but I don't feel enlightened."  Then they go to their teacher who advises: "Increase your devotion to God and expand your knowledge (of scripture and philosophy)."

How do you get the will to do spiritual practice?  Generate it within yourself.  Appeal to Mother who is the Grace behind all Will.

What is the difference between idol worship and Deity worship?  In the former case you have taken the image and made it separate from you and raised it above you and worship it.  But in Deity worship, the image stands for the Self.  All is equal, and "Thou Art That."

Christ did not come to die for your sins.  He came to reveal the Truth to you.  The Truth is that you have no sins.  You have no birth.  You do not even have a life.  You only have an eternal life, and that is lived by your formless Essence.  If you do not come to know It, then birth, life, sin, and death become real to you, and God exists somewhere outside of you.

Salvation is getting to the Son.  Liberation is getting to the Father through the Son, and not stopping at the Son.


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