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Cosmic Forces, Lesser Deities, & Powers

People are insane.  They are chasing after money.  Maybe you are not evil like politicians who have skewed intentions, i.e. chasing money in order to dominate over others, but the principle is the same if you come under their auspices.  Move away from mundane convention that hides evil intention.

Cosmology, philosophy, spirituality - we cannot do without any of these.  We must not pull the rug out from under people's feet.  Cosmology includes ritual and worshipping the gods and goddesses.  The ancient rishis worshipped the gods and goddesses for millennia, then decided they did not want to be under their control anymore.  They wanted out of the cosmic process.  Besides, they found the gods and goddesses within themselves and thought, "Why should I put myself under the press of my own projections?"

The lower deities want beings as their votaries.  Vedanta states that you do not want to be under their control. They exist in you; they are your powers.

We are creating, preserving and destroying all the time.  We are playing with inner objects and senses and turning them outwards in play.


Antahkarana, the inner cause, consists of the following:
Manas: the mind based in duality that is bringing up my problems.
Chitta: the mind's thoughts, which brood on my problems.
Ahamkara: the sense of separate "I," that is the source of my problems.
Buddhi: my intelligence, the solution to my problems.

The face and body is where we see our prarabdha karma — what is generally called instinct, heredity, genes, etc.

Sankhya is our cosmology and science.
Patanjala is our methods, disciplines, and psychology.
Vedanta is our philosophy, Truth.

You cannot express Truth; you can only express Wisdom.

Sattva is a masquerader of the Peace that passes all understanding.  It is not sempiternal, everlasting.

Science used to be more true to the search for Truth.  But now the search is based upon the fallacious assumption of a utopian world and the money that will come from it.

Meditation is not meant for purification.  Jnana purifies the mind.  Bhakti purifies the heart. Karma purifies the body and senses.  But meditation is for my meeting with God.  Meditation — you cannot have it until you have purified everything else, otherwise it is just an effort at concentration.  Meditation is not for health, longevity etc.  It is for meeting God within.

To be or not to be — that is not a question.  You cannot not be; nothing doesn't exist.  To detach or engage — this is the real question.

Q:  People want the fast track — the best practice, most intense, and best teachers, and others want the lazy person's way.  Is there a way to accelerate illumination?
Babaji: Only Consciousness is the accelerator of Consciousness.

The jnani sees that people love the world for the wrong reasons.  Stripped of real knowledge, and devoid of attraction to the path of indifference, they love beings and the world for their own sake.  The jnani loves them for their Essence.  People think he is aloof, but he loves them too, but with an impersonal love, a truer love.

Mind is really Original Mind.  How is that spelled?  What acronym do you get with this? OM!

When we approach a Wisdom Tradition from a Faith Tradition, we get our questions answered.

Reality TV is a contradiction in terms; it is relativity TV.

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