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Tantra & Mantra

Once you master dravya shuddhi, external purification, you can take it anywhere — superimpose it everywhere.


We do not proclaim the Mother; She comes to us and makes us Still.  Then, those who like stillness will come of their own accord.


Is prema associated with all bhavas, moods?  No.  Primarily, it is associated with madhura bhava, that of lover and Beloved.  The other moods are attended by raga bhakti when the practice goes within.  Prema tends towards oneness.


Kundalini is called Tripura Sundari, and is the Essence of the Mantra.


Mantra is for God with form; Mahavakyas are for formless Reality.


Vichikirsa is the demiurge, the divine urge to proliferate the Divine Wisdom of Siva.  He cannot do it alone.  Like Sri Ramakrishna in Nirvikalpa, He cannot move.  Shakti comes near Siva, then, and His Wisdom gets manifested.  That is Vichikirsha.


Mantra is the sacred art of rapt repetition.


Immerse your mind in the Deity whom you are communing with via the mantra.


The Aksha Malika Upanisad states: "Practicing mantra on the mala destroys ignorance, neutralizes old karmas, and keeps new karmas from forming.  Mrtyor is not the only means of death.  Ignorance and non-alertness springing from ignorance also figure in."


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