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Karma and Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga means to engage only in obligatory and sanctioned actions, and even then, assuming only what one has the capacity to perform.  We must avoid acting when we are restless or lazy. Otherwise, actions will be marred and karma will come back at us.  So, we do all action in equanimity of mind.


Mixed karma is the result of doing actions under the sway of rajas and tamas.


If your senses are attached to objects they are impure, but if they are not attached, then they see, taste, touch, smell, and hear, free from bondage-producing karma.


Bliss comes from the death of ignorance.  Action is supposed to lead to knowledge, and after knowledge comes, one renounces action.  If one does not get knowledge from action, then one is up a creek without a paddle.


Can karma destroy karma?  No.  Can meditation destroy karma?  That is not its best use.  Meditation is for seeing God face to face.  To destroy karma, try acquiring Wisdom.


Wisdom purifies your love, your meditation, your action.


Few will gain liberation at any time.  But more can become free of ignorance.  One does this with knowledge.  With ignorance gone, one can do whatever one pleases without creating negative karma.


One cannot help the world because there is no world; there is only Brahman, and Brahman does not need your help.  You need your help.  So help yourself, and when you do, the world – which is just a manifestation of the Self – will be helped.


People are only trying to influence others with their ignorance.  They themselves are not getting up and out of ignorance, yet they still hope to help others.


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