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Everyone has to admit "There is suffering."   Suffering is everyone's business, then.  Even the atheist should begin to think this way, for then selfless service can become his/her God.  The suffering of others is our business too.


Fear is both a motivator and a paralyzer.  It all depends on mental ability.  Tantra, "That which saves," transmutes poison into Nectar.


How do I get free of suffering?  Suffering will always remain, but we can transcend it.  Some cherish the idea that there is a good world, a place free of suffering.  That is the first thing that a wise seeker rejects.  It is far better to begin with peace in the midst of the ongoing fray.


If one does not know the Divine Being within, then one turns the body into a mindless party.  Such empty celebrations go nowhere, and only end in suffering tomorrow to the same degree that one enjoyed today.


Seeing through appearances is the directive of every soul — to not suffer at the hands of the world.


Everything will come clear to you if you separate yourself from the source of your problems.


You are your own fulfillment, but you must first find your Self.


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