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Knowledge and Truth

There has to be an end of knowledge in Truth.  But that is a far cry from ignorance ending with knowledge.  Knowledge is only inferring, or pointing to That which cannot be described.


Vedanta is not a path, it is something to make your path, every path, better.


There are those who listen to a teacher speak Truth and agree with 95% of what he says, while the other 5% form their "issues."  So now they have an issue with the teacher.  Maybe some of them resolve that issue and feel a little relief, but up comes another issue.  This is the wrong tact.  Truth is the door to Freedom.  Instead of focusing on the 5% you do not agree with, you should focus on the 95% you agree with.  Swift progress will then be made, and your issues will simply disappear.


Fear is the absence of knowledge.


Songs in the West are drawn from emotion.  But in India, songs are drawn from devotion married to philosophy.  Therefore the lyrics are pregnant with meaning.


Everyone agrees that Love is the Essence.  But we cannot love rightly until we get rid of ignorance.  If we have the thorn of ignorance, we need to take a thorn of knowledge to remove it.  Then we do not need either of them anymore, and we can go beyond that final duality.


If you see something as it really is, you will then have no fear of it.


Swami Vivekananda has put it in a nutshell by stating: "If you have known the Atman as the one Existence, and that none else exists, for whom and for what desire do you trouble yourself?"



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