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Vedanta & Its Cosmology

A sharira is a container or sheath for essence.

The body is a container for prana.

Prana is a container for mind.

Mind is a container for Intellect.

Intellect is a container for Intelligence/bliss.

Intelligence is the first compound, and it creates a sheath for itself called the Atmamayakosha.


There is no point of contact between desert sands and the water of a mirage.  Similarly, Atman and the sheaths or modifications of Prakriti/Nature have no real contact.


Koshas are more sentient; akashas are insentient, and a good system for measuring the different realms.  Koshas partake more of sattva, and akashas more of tamas.


Ordinary beings who read the akashic record are simply playing with prana and psychic prana.  They look down/out from the pranakasha to the bhutakasha.  If they looked further within, they would behold higher intelligence.


Western science is pseudo Advaitic, based on conservation of energy and transformation of matter to energy and energy to matter.  A higher and deeper form of oneness is yet to be realized there.


I am birthless and deathless.  I am not in time and space; time and space are in me.


Everything good comes in threes, called "triputis — wisdom teachings.  Everything that is confusing comes in twos: life/death, pain/pleasure, virtue/vice, etc.


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