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Dissolving the Mindstream
Maybe it seems scary to dissolve the mindstream, to dissolve into Consciousness.  You think, "I will disappear."  But you are the one who is doing the dissolving – how can you go away?  Dissolving the mindstream is a powerful process the freedom-seeking soul does every morning. [in meditation]

People enter into individual form via the ego.  Prior to that they are floating in the Cosmic Mind, perfectly happy.  After that they are, as Ramprasad sings, "...consuming earth instead of nectar."

Do not be deceived, Nature is not all arrayed out here and then you come into it.  No, you projected it.  You are the formless Essence it all comes from.

We are shifting between form and formlessness all the time via the states of waking, dream, and deep sleep.  Doing this unconsciously keeps us in ignorance of our nature as the unchanging Witness of all the phenomena that takes place there, including emptiness/formlessness.

Let us all have a 24/7 practice, that is, take practice into all three states of consciousness – waking, dream, and deep sleep.

One has to embody in order to dissolve karma; it cannot be done in heaven.  Do you realize what actually happens with dissolving the mindstream? If one dissolves the body, lust is dissolved.  If one dissolves thought, anger gets dissolved.  Do not hold on to lust, anger, etc. – water the flowers, not the weeds.

One will not see the subtle tree unless one has one's subtle senses under control.

In the practice of dissolving the mindstream, one does not lose anything. You are just making connections.  First see everything in you, then all of you in the Divine Being (Ishtam) you contemplate, and then dissolve everything in the Absolute Supreme Awareness.

[Discussing the chart, "The Adhara System of the Five Koshas," Babaji explained some of the subtle points of recognition, discernment, and connection with regard to contemplating the annamaya kosha (physical sheath), pranamaya kosha (sheath of vital energy), and the manamaya kosha (sheath of the mind).]: The illumined have connected the body-brain complex to the mind-intellect complex via prana.  Prana causes one to love/hate, to think/not think, etc.  Until one can control the senses (using prana) one cannot get off this ride of duality, and this leads us to the vijnana maya kosha [sheath of intelligence].  Thus, when using the Adhara System of the Five Koshas in the practice of dissolving the mindstream, one takes stock of the koshas by recognizing which kosha one is primarily identified with, what its limitations are, how it is supported by the next more subtle kosha, etc.

Connect the word to the mind, the mind to the intellect, the intellect to the ego, and the ego to the Witness, and the Witness to Brahman.  This is the classic Vedantic method of dissolving the mindstream.

If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?  This is the wrong question.  The sound, tree, and forest are all unreal.  By the time one has dissolved earth into water, and water into fire, and fire into air, and air into ether – one has dissolved the woods, tree, and its audible sound, and found the Essence of all three!

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