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Pithy Points to Ponder
The only reason to live is to live for others, otherwise one's god becomes the ego.

Until one knows the non-Self, one cannot truly know the Self.

One needs a teacher so one does not get off the path.

The key to freedom is selflessness.

Yogis have mastered these three: the need to eat, the need to sleep, the need to breathe.

If the people of this day and culture do not make a show of emotions each day, then they feel unfulfilled.

Brahman pervades everything, but fear invades everything.  What we want in the interim is a gentle incursion of Knowledge that reveals everything.

God is not a creator; rather, mind is a projector.
Peace x3

Enlightenment is called waking up.  One must stop dreaming.

A new peace sign: Babaji held up 3 fingers instead of 2 and said, "Peace, man" – Peace inside, outside, and on high.

The five senses cherish objects.  Mind contributes the desire for them.  Thoughts then dwell on them long after the experience should be over, and the intellect looks on in disbelief.

Three significant lifetimes:
1 - The lifetime where one wakes up, spiritually.
2 - The lifetime wherein one works out one's karmas
3 - The lifetime wherein one lives a free life, making it possible to give it all up.

The Three statements on growth, from the worldly person, to the seeker, to the Luminary:
1 - Why me?
2 - Who am I?
3 - I am Brahman.



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