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Thereafter, the Eleven Main Characteristics of Maya
were rendered clear to my intelligence.
This knowledge inspired me to recite
the Twenty Truths of Truth daily with heartfelt devotion.

Due to barriers like the Nine Distractions in Spiritual Life,
doubt about my Guru arose in my mind,
but this was swiftly put to death when I heard
of the Four Qualities of an Authentic Spiritual Teacher.

Shame at my lack of faith in the Guru made me aware
of the presence of the Eight Fetters in human nature,
so I quelled them methodically by engaging in
the Triple Tenet of Kriyayoga and other salient practices.

As I began to sport in the various lokas, the Three Chains of
Transmigration cast their shackles towards me.
so my illumined Preceptor transmitted to me the teaching
of the Three Kinds of Purity, to ensure my freedom.

At the lowest of the Three Stages of Mental Evolution
my mind experienced doubt and foreboding.
But the Four Kinds of Worship and the Four Ways
of Perceiving God prevailed and transported me higher.

Sedulously, I engaged the power of analysis
and reasoned well in my mind about the Five Sheaths,
and then happily detached from them using the
Two Methods of Discrimination indicated by my teacher.

Intensifying my analysis of mind and matter,
I came upon the teaching of the Four Illusory Bodies.
Perceiving its stultifying nature, I mentally dissolved all four
utilizing the Four Sentinels of Spiritual Life.

Then, the pernicious Three Enemies of Reason
sprung up to challenge me, seemingly out of nowhere.
I studied the Three Proofs of Truth and the
Three Stages of Philosophy and these enemies fled in terror.

Attempting to fathom the depths of the Six Darshanas,
my mind balked, and my Guru came to my rescue again.
The Three Qualities of the Scriptures and Three Techniques
for Interpreting the Scriptures brought me clarity.

Studying scripture, I was fascinated by the
Twenty-four Cosmic Principles and the Twelve Higher Tattvas,
and became awed to find them all expressed
through The Four Manifestations of the Word.

While attempting to master the Seven Levels
of Advanced Knowledge, I fell short and balked.
My Guru reminded me of the Ten Conditions of the
Guru/Disciple Relationship and inspired me on to the goal.

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