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The Consummate Ocean Voyage

“A steamship itself crosses the ocean and carries many others as well.”

A kayak carries one person across a river. A canoe will take two or three. A riverboat will takes dozens, while a steamship can navigate an entire ocean while putting into many exciting ports of destination. Thus is the guru invested with boundless power by the grace of the Universal Mother.

This power is not for show, for aggrandizement or for attracting accolades and praises. Nor is this power for transformation utilized for the mere doing of good or for storing up positive karmas. The Sadguru is beyond all need for these small considerations. To relieve suffering, save lost souls, guide aspiring seekers — these reasons come closer to the purpose, but still fall far short of explaining. An authentic spiritual preceptor has long since transcended the sense of what is good or bad according to the morals and mores of society or the pious outlook of conventional religion. Such a being cannot but emanate the bounteous blessings of love, wisdom, compassion and other divine qualities naturally, without any regard for the effect, in the same way that a sun must, by nature of what it is, warm and nourish all things, all beings. This spontaneous flow of precious boons radiates from the heart of the guru where the Universal Mother has taken up Her residence. It is no wonder, then, that such a being can carry so many to the jewel island of essence, the Divine Mother’s own precious land of perpetual enlightenment.

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