"Setting the feet of humanity on the path of Universal Truth"

If you appreciate the service and mission of SRV Associations please consider a donation.  

SRV is dedicated to the transmission of the universal teachings of Vedanta to all.  We express this through making classes and retreats available to all who are interested, teaching in prisons, providing special classes for children, youth, and young adults, publishing and distributing, and maintaining ashrams in urban neighborhoods. To learn more about these please see Our Offerings.

Pledging is one of the best ways to financially support SRV Associations’ spiritual work.  When enough people pledge to give a certain amount each year, our programs have guaranteed funding and our service goals are met.  Every nonprofit depends on pledges.   Your tax deductible pledge can be given monthly, quarterly, or all at once.  It is up to you.  Want to pledge?  Contact [srvinfo@srv.org] or call 808-990-3354.

Here are three convenient ways to give your tax-deductible Donation:


We accept credit cards through Paypal.

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by Check:

Make checks out to SRV Associations and mail to:

SRV Associations
PO Box 1364
Honokaa, HI 96727

by Phone:

We accept credit cards over the phone. Let us know if you would like to designate a specific project for
your donation or if you have any questions.  Call 808-990-3354.

SRV Associations is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt (501c3) religious organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible. For more info please contact us.

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