Big Island Weekend Retreat with Babaji

Maui view

mala2-Day Weekend Retreat

Mantra Tapas

Teachings on Mantra with Group Japa Practice

January 3 – 5, 2014 <> SRV Hawaii Ashram 

The mantra is of key importance.  When karma comes, when trouble comes, it isn’t “I am Brahman” that helps us as much as the mantra.  Knowledge of Brahman is going to help you only if you can transport yourself up to It.  Most beings have to take this grand step over stages.  Therefore, have this knowledge of Brahman working in your consciousness, and in the meantime follow dharma, the practices of spiritual life. – Babaji Bob Kindler


Join us for 2 full days at our beautiful Hawai’i ashram overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the island of Maui.  Surrounded by lush vegetation and the tropical sounds of frogs, birds, the native chuckling gecko, (and some traffic noises), Babaji will will present the multileveled facets of mantra and its practice.  As Sri Ramakrishna has stated, “it takes only a tiny germ to kill an elephant.”  The mantra is the germ that kills the elephant of ignorance, ego, distraction, karma, negativity, and more.



Dates: January 3rd – 5th

Arrival: Arrive after 4pm, Friday, January 3. Bring a dish to share for dinner.

Departure: After the Sunday afternoon class, 5:30pm or so

Tuition/support fees: $190

Meals: $40

Registration: due now, closes Jan 1

Financial hardship? Contact Annapurna 808-990-3354;

Accommodations: We will share spaces in and around the ashram. You may need to provide your own sleeping mats and/or camp cot if you have one.