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8am Hawaii, 11am Pacific
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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice. Each satsang begins with an introductory discourse followed by Q&A; come prepared with a question! Simply click the link above and join in; invite a friend.
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Saturdays, 1-hour Zoom Class on 
     SRV Wisdom – Ashram of the Subtle Realms
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Sunday Zoom Class with Babaji

 Sunday Class

The Mind, sometimes called the “sixth sense,” is known in India as the “Royal Sovereign in the realm of the senses.”  It can be a most powerful ally in helping the soul towards attaining the ultimate state of Liberation, as the Holy Mother has stated, or it can otherwise become a “petty potentate, like a mule that is saddled, bridled, and ridden hard by the ego and the five senses,” as sung about in one of India’s wisdom songs.
The seers tell us that Original Mind is God, that Pure Mind is Brahman, that Pure Mind is Buddha Mind.  But how many beings possess such a Mind?  Or is it more that today’s minds are laboring in conditions of slavishness, distraction, superficiality, and mundane habitual convention?  Obsessed with matter, or tied down with surface-level preoccupations — the human being was meant for much higher and greater things.  Thus the luminaries encourage transformation of mind via spiritual practice in order to bring about a swift return to the natural state of Original Mind.

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