Hawaii Winter Retreat

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Sri Sarada Vijnanagita – honoring Holy Mother’s Birthday

imageDove-tailing an indepth study and recitation of the precious book, Sri Sarada Vijnanagita, with the group chanting of the 108 Names of Sarada, the winter retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii will transmit vast and deep spiritual power to all who choose to attend upon it. It will be attended with ocean vistas, comfortable quarters, sattvic vegetarian food, and abundant time for classes, private study, and meditation – all in a location that is fully dedicated to sincere pursuit of the spiritual path. Peace of Mind is here, as well as all that is necessary to prepare the aspiring soul for rapt refuge and full abidance within the ecstatic transcendent atmosphere of the Great Self.

“Tvam Me Brahma Sanatani Ma, Sarada Ishvari Subhage Ma” – with this profound and endearing opening verse, the “108 Names of Sarada” begin to relate to the captivated and divinely intoxicated chanter the ancient and mostly forgotten secrets of Eastern spirituality, and usher him/her into an interior realm that is ripe with divine Love and rife with living Intelligence.


Location: SRV Hawaii Retreat Center, Big Island of Hawaii

Arrive at Retreat Center: Friday, December 11th, by 6pm
Departure: Tuesday, December 15th, around 12:00 noon

Tuition, Meals, & Lodging:

Shared rooms, $525/person; 
Private room, $575;
Platform Tent (Tent & mat provided), $475/person;
Tenting (Your own camping gear), $425
Students: (rates available for full-time students) Shared room – $370, Platform tent: $320, Tenting: $270.

Registration: Begins now. Tuition is due by December 5th

Tuition by Accommodation Type

Full-time College Students

For Approved Customized Payments,
please use the button below.

Pay by check and get $10 Off – Register by email: srvinfo@srv.org or by phone 808-990-3354
If you would like the book “Sri Sarada Vijnanagita” or a Dharma Art Wisdom Chart bundled with your tuition at a discount, please contact us.
Financial hardship? Contact us to learn about options.

Covid – 19 Considerations

The SRV Retreat Center is spacious enough to allow social distancing during classes, meditation, & meals.
The grounds are wonderful for private tenting! One large

 cottage is available for socially distant accommodations and there are 3 possible private rooms. Register asap! 
We will be practicing mindful sanitizing.