Autumn Online Seminar 2


 The Two Great Secrets of Consciousness: Nonduality & Divine Mother

Online Seminar Weekend — December 3 & 4, 2022

All of life, every facet of Existence, is saturated by Awareness.  This Awareness, though not a person, place, or thing, though not matter, energy, or thought, nevertheless permeates them all.  All of these changing principles exist to express Infinity through the finite. 
They are existing by the power of Existence Itself.

This Existence stands alone and free, and sports the two Secrets of Consciousness — Nonduality and the Divine Mother.  These two are described by terms like homogeneity and living Intelligence, or Advaita and Parashakti.  A close examination of these two Secrets will illumine life and mind, and lead one to the Supreme Goal.


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