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Nectar of Nondual Truth #30

Nectar #30

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Regular Feature:
Nectar of Advaitic Instruction

Rabbi Rami Shapiro:
Essentials of Judaism
The mainstays of a Jewish man and woman’s spiritual life and practice come to light, guiding the contemporary votary to a clear understanding of this ancient pathway to Enlightenment.

Annapurna Sarada:
The Gunas in Vedic Cosmology
The teaching of the three gunas of Prakriti reveals the need to transcend all three and break free of the bondage of cycles they sustain.

Anam Thubten Rinpoche:
Ecstatic Dissolution of the Self
The entire premise of the teachings centers around gaining the ability in practice to gently let go of all egoic super-impositions in order to alleviate fear and embrace subtle joy within.

Alexander Hixon:
Essence of Advaita Vedanta, Part 2

More of the deep nondual elements of Gaudapada’s commentary on the Mandukyopanisad are revealed for contemplation.

Babaji Bob Kindler:
Mumukshutvam – Desire for Freedom
In Vedanta, one gains the pure desire for Liberation from rock solid faith. This faith springs from abilities and qualities followed by the successful move to detach from the nonessential at will.

Abbot Kyogen Carlson:
Birth, Death, and the Bardo Plane
Abbot Kyogen Carlson, Godo of the Dharma Rain Zendo in Portland, Oregon, departed the body in September of 2014. Prior to his demise he gave this talk on a subject that is seldom taken up in any depth in the Zen tradition, that of the Bardo state and its various planes.