Hawaii Summer Retreat

2018 Hawaii Summer Retreat

Sankhya, Yoga, and Vedanta

Hawaii Retreat Center, Big Island

Three tremendously important and powerful darshanas of India will be featured in the forthcoming SRV Hawaii retreat in late July.  A “darshana” is a path to clear, internal perception, both religiously and philosophically speaking.  Sankhya, Lord Kapila’s ingenious system – which is the most ancient of the three – provided much of the cosmological underpinnings for Yoga and Vedanta to build upon in later millennia.  Utilizing Sankhya’s 24 cosmic principles, the “father” of Yoga, Patanjali, was able to formulate specific practices and meditations that aided immensely in the potential spiritual growth of yoga practitioners thereafter.  By the time Vedavyas entered the scene after the fall of the Buddhistic era of the time, he found all the philosophical material from Sankhya and Yoga intact and ready for reformation into the prevailing Vedantic presentation of his time.

     In this profound retreat, these three mainstays of India’s Sanatana Dharma will be taken apart and coalesced so as to reveal the integral and interdependent facets of them as a comprehensive spiritual pathway for today’s sincere aspirants.


Arrival: Friday, July , after 4pm and by 6pm dinner.
Depart: Tuesday, July 31st (noonish)
Tuition, Meals, & Accommodation:

Private room: $565.00
Shared room: $515.00
Platform tenting: $465.00 tent provided (bring bedding, towel)
Tenting: $415 (bring tent, bedding, towel)
Student rate is $150 off.

Registration: contact Annapurna 808-990-3354 or email: srvinfo@srv.org
Financial hardship? Call 808-990-3354 to discuss options 
Credit cards are accepted and requires an additional 2.4% handling charge. (call for international handling charge)