Spring/Summer 2013

Babaji’s Classes from April to August, 2013

Dissolving the Mindstream

Mindfulness is one thing, but what about taking up the mind and possessing it, mastering it?

If one renounces Nature and that is as far as one goes, then one gets abhava, formlessness.  But man and Nature remain separate. What kind of oneness is that?  But if one renounces Nature by knowing that it has come out of oneself, then one gets both formlessness and the  realization of “iti iti” – “all this.”  This is called Mahayoga.  This is the reason, the real meaning, of the advent of Sarada, Ramakrishna, and Vivekananda.

Is it possible to control the senses if one cannot recognize their connection to their objects?  Controlling the senses means being able to take the senses and mind off of objects at will.

I formulated the statement, “You have to know what you are not, in order to know who you are,” because the American people were being led around in circles by a mere surface presentation of the great question, “Who am I.”  We do not want to hear this precious philosophy only to be routed back into bondage again.  Atma-vichara, then, is not a mere question.  It is the prime dissolver of name and form in time and space.  Through it, Maya takes a final bow and leaves the stage.

What you are not amounts to all those things you can dissolve in your mind.

If one knows the Twenty-Four cosmic Principles, one becomes a knower of the internal Cosmos, which is penultimate to Realization.  If such a soul returns to earth, it will know the way perfectly, and be able to leave consciously at any time – all via knowledge of these Tattvas.

In the practice of dissolving the mindstream, we do not separate, but dissolve the elements into the senses, and the senses into the subtle elements.  This is involution.  The ignorant, at the time of death, have the elements and senses ripped away, whereas the wise involute.
If you “de-solidify” earth, you get smell.
If you “de-solidify” water, you get taste.
If you “de-solidify” sight, you get fire, and etc.
Vedanta wants us to be free from the compulsion to return to form under the regime of maya and karma.

To dissolve thoughts, one must charge up the chitta first, charge up the “stuff” of the mind.  One cannot go from negative or worldly thoughts directly to The Great Silence.  One has to render thoughts positive and then effectively dissolve them.

The ignorant person sees objects as solid matter.
The knowledgeable person sees objects as atomic particles.
The Intelligent person sees objects as solidified thought.
The Illumined person sees objects as Buddha Nature, Atman.

One cannot know an object because it has come out of one’s mind as a fabrication.  It is a matter of projection.  Such a thing cannot be known because it has no abiding substance.  Only Brahman has That.

Nothing is created.  Does a wave on the ocean get created?  It simply rises and falls as a name and a form.

One realizes one’s Awareness in the absence of mind and thought.  Dual mind just gets in the way.  This is also related to transcending the human brain and getting to know one’s universal mind.  This becomes less a matter of intellect, and more a matter of Intelligence.

Do not lose yourself in the process of dissolving the mindstream; that is not the point.  You are not a practice.  You, yourself, are not the result of any processes.  When practicing dissolving the five elements into the five senses – for example, earth into the sense of smell – realize that these are connections, but only connections.  What am I seeing?  I am seeing the projection of my own mind.  “It is the light of Consciousness that causes the sun to shine,” states the Hasta-Amalaka Stotram.  Always know the one who is observing the process, and do not identify with the process.

Oneness is so natural we do not even notice it.

You cannot produce an unproduced thing.  And even if you have a “produced” object, it was unproduced before; thus, its true nature is unproduced.  It has simply been made to look like something other than it truly is.  And, surprise!, that is the case with all the worlds, and with human bodies as well.  Everything in Maya looks other than what it truly is…..