And Mother Claps Her Hands

And Mother Claps Her Hands


In India the relationship with the spiritual teacher is the greatest in life. In the West the teacher simply gives intellectual knowledge. The guru, however, teaches us and leads us into spiritual knowledge as a living link in the chain of divine truth. Swami Vivekananda once said, “my guru is my nearest and dearest relative in life, next my mother, then my father. The father and mother give me this body, but the guru gives me birth in the spirit.”  The most recent initiate into SRV, on Guru Purnima fittingly enough, is Adam Kindler, who received the name Abhinaya Antevasin, which means, “one who seeks self control and is swift to realize Brahman.”

Abhinaya is in the unusual position of his guru also being his relative. Babaji and Adam’s father, Steve, are brothers. Steve, along with Babaji, is also an initiate of Swami Aseshananda, so the auspicious path to spiritual life has been duly prepared for him.   Abhinaya’s first memories of being with his uncle are at six years of age in Hawaii, when he stayed with Babaji and Loke in their mountain retreat.

At 14 years of age Abhinaya attended the American River summer retreat, which was the beginning of his assimilation of Babaji as a spiritual teacher rather than merely an uncle.

A couple of years later he joined Babaji and other students on a retreat to India. Abhinaya was very grateful to be there and had many moving experiences, including an uplifting moment at the Kali Temple when the pujari  gave him a garland.

It was at the age of 18 that he saw Babaji as his spiritual teacher, although perhaps it was that he now felt ready to receive the teachings. It was apparent to himself that he needed to make some changes, to partake of something higher.

Now in his third year of college, Abhinaya has been studying science, keeping in perspective the teachings around the 24 cosmic principles of Sankhya. The opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time at the ashram this summer has been a great blessing for him. Being around holy company has helped accelerate the path, particularly since initiation.

He is presently back in Hungary and intends to focus on his studies, spiritual readings, and on meditation, while avoiding the party atmosphere that is present in college life.

Abhinaya says a big Aloha from afar to his spiritual brothers and sisters. We in turn wish our newest spiritual brother Godspeed in crossing over to the farthest shore beyond all darkness.